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Inheritance Tax (IHT)

Even though it's a voluntary tax, Inheritance Tax (IHT) annually raises several billion pounds for HMRC.  To ensure that your estate does not add to this total in the future, you need to plan well ahead.  Advanced tax planning with the help from professionals can reduce your exposure to IHT, if not remove any potential liability altogether.
Montpelier can offer you a professional full estate review to ensure that you don't pay more tax than is necessary.  Our highly experience tax professionals will review your tax position and will:  

  • Ensure your wills are up to date, both regarding tax and the distribution of assets. We will liaise with a solicitor regarding any changes required
  • Consider your income requirements and ways to reduce your estate whilst still retaining your required level of income
  • Consider ways to protect your assets for the future generation
  • Look at ways to utilise all available relief’s
  • If you are widowed, review the position in respect of the transferable Nil Rate Band.

A full review can offer you peace of mind that you have done all you can to protect your assets for future generations.  Contact Montpelier today to arrange an Inheritance Tax review.

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